Matching Your Insides to Your Outsides (Inside Business Performance)

Hiding your frustration, challenge, disappointment and pressure seems to be required of you as a business professional.  Pleasing difficult clients, encouraging helpers and employees who are lagging, while rushing to deadlines push you over and drag you down.

Your talent of showing an uplifted face to your clients, coworkers, and staff wears thin. You’ve been able to avoid exploding or crying.  You are at times worried, “how long can I keep this up?”

Adding to this is the subtle tension created by the opposing forces of what’s pulsing through your veins and the business demeanor you show to the world.

Here’s something positive:

Your outer business self (respectful, calm, even, confident, kind, thoughtful, giving, generous…) often a struggle to act out, shows the bright ideas of how you’d like to feel on the inside too.

The pressures of business performance make it look like there is no opportunity or time to process the feelings that are pulsing through your veins in order to feel better.  You are right… there’s probably no time for this.

So what can you do to feel better while “performing?”

How about you bringing about the feelings you would like?


Sounds unbelievable?  I didn’t believe it either.

It is an attractive idea though… if it’s possible, wouldn’t you like to do that?

So try on, believing it’s possible and see what happens.  Here’s how:

Find a quiet place where you can do this.

Sit comfortably in a chair.  Let your body settle into the chair.

Think for a moment: What’s a feeling you wish you could feel right now, ever…  Calm, relaxed, more awake, carefree, abundance, confident, free of worry, athletic, satisfied, enjoyment, alive, accomplished, beautiful, completion of a project, pain free, ease, joy, self delight…

Read the following, then do it.

Gently let your eyes close.

Imagine (see, sense, feel, day dream) that the feeling you want is coming into the room with   the air.

Allow yourself to breathe that feeling in with the air you are breathing.

As you breathe in, allow that feeling to come into your lungs with the air.

With each breath, that feeling comes into your lungs and goes out into your bloodstream and travels all around your body nourishing your muscles, nerves, organs, and systems of your body.  Breathe the feeling through every part of your body down into the cells, the molecules and atoms that make up those cells and breathe that feeling down into the space between the subatomic particles of those atoms.

Continue to breathe in the feeling with the air and allow it to radiate out through your skin into the space around your body.

Sit a few minutes soaking in the feeling.

Set your internal timer for 2 minutes and then gently open your eyes.

Do this often, each time with one individual feeling.

Make a list of the feelings you’d like to feel so you have them handy. Or be spontaneous and select a feeling at any moment.

After doing this a number of times, you will become very adept at this and will bring about feelings you desire, rather quickly.

Congratulations on taking yourself seriously enough to do this.

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