Workshop Descriptions

Navigating Business Relationships:

We will focus on Navigating Business Relationships at work i.e. interacting with co-workers, your supervisor/boss, your employees, your clients, your suppliers, as well as business relationships in your personal life i.e. interacting with your doctors, people who supply services and products, your childrens’ teachers … Shyness and Fear stand in the way of handling issues in relationships. New and healing thoughts as well as Q & A are offered.


I can Relate:

A relationships workshop focusing on:

  • Communicating creatively – others will listen
  • Speaking your mind without losing your head
  • Confrontation is just “sharing a truth”, Courageously confront what doesn’t make sense
  • There is a kind way to say anything
  • Overcoming challenges in relationships

Workshop will feature a relaxing meditation, enlightened conversation, ways to use your mind to improve your life, and a gentle, warm, easy approach to your personal growth.


Past Lives Workshop:

“For beginner, intermediate and advanced travelers”

You have already been learning from your past experiences in your work on your emotional and Spiritual growth.

This workshop is a next step on your path of expanding self awareness and emotional and Spiritual healing. Some view the many episodes lived in this current life as many distinct lives. We will discuss the usefulness of specific types of information gathered from the past (in this life or before) and its application to empowering your self healing in the Present.

There will be a very relaxing and safe meditation during which you will be guided to where your Inner Self takes you as an observer to receive important information that you can use to enhance your life today.


Improve Your Life Workshop:

  • Learn productive ways to view problem situations
  • Consider positive perspectives on negative experiences
  • Transfer energy of limiting beliefs

Workshop will feature: a relaxing meditation, enlightened conversation, ways to use your mind to improve your life, and a gentle, warm, easy approach to your personal growth.


Meditation Workshop:

Meditation is a doorway to Health and Happiness. Studies show that relaxing the mind has beneficial effects upon the body; i.e.: blood pressure, immune system, brain health, blood circulation, as well as, supporting healing from various diseases. It is also described as a basis for emotional and mental clarity. Meditation can be easier than you think. Join us to learn about the principles of meditation, explore which form is best suited to you, alter your breathing to invite calmness, relax and much more. Learn how a small investment of your focus can yield a great return.


Setting Relationship Boundaries:

This class is for people who keep thoughts to themselves rather than saying them, say YES when they really want to say NO, feel overridden in conversations, feel controlled/oppressed, avoid rocking the boat, have trouble speaking up, and have been the peacekeeper.

During this class you can learn to gather your strength, try new approaches, view your situations in new ways, let go of thoughts and feelings that no longer serve and learn effective communication techniques.


Let Go of Pain:

We know that the mind affects the body. By understanding the nature and meaning of pain, you are empowered to free yourself from it. During this workshop you will also have the opportunity to understand blocks to letting go of pain as well as techniques to free yourself. Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual pain will be addressed.


Managing Your Energy Boundaries:  (for Massage Therapists and other professionals)

Feeling drained between clients, depleted at the end of the day? These lessons/classes are for you. You are already working in the client’s energy field and sensing many things that you may not have words for.

Learn the terminology for the subtle energy backdrop of your sessions as well as a conceptual framework and map of the energy territory in which you are working. Learn techniques to support your own health and well-being while better serving your clients. Expanding your conscious application of your own energy will also enable you to expand your practice.

**CE hours available for Ohio Licensed Massage Therapists**  (3 Hr. Class)


Eating and Food Issues Workshop:

Continuously making food choices that are right for you can involve healing your relationship to food and eating, taming obsessive thoughts, letting go of compulsive behaviors and controlling cravings. This workshop will give you insight into how to achieve these goals and how to take the next steps on your path of self care.