Group Descriptions

Group therapy sessions meet weekly for 1 1/2 Hours.


Food and Eating Issues:

Get to the heart of your problems and position yourself to let go of feelings and thoughts that no longer serve you.


Group for People Who Identify as Transgender:

This group is open to anyone who identifies in any way as transgender. The specific issues addressed will be tailored to the particular needs or concerns of the participants in an emotionally safe environment.


Group for Partners of Those Identifying as Transgender:

This is an opportunity to process your unique feelings/issues and dilemmas. Take time to respect and honor your experience and then learn new ways to communicate clearly and effectively.


Dream Analysis:

Bring your dreams and learn a new way to decode and extract important information from them. Experience profound growth through this process.


Past Life Exploration:

Experience a past life regression meditation during which you will gather important information. Learn how to decode what you’ve found and how to use the information to improve your life/relationships today.